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Viking 4×4 Experience Day

We are pleased to invite you to another event from the Viking 4x4Experience series for any 4×4 car/truck.
21st of May we will meet at a very beautiful grassy field where you will have the opportunity to explore  the challenging grounds and collect 50 punches plus test your skills on a special section.
For legal reasons, every person participating in the event must have a valid membership in the Viking4x4 club.
Download the membership form, fill it out, send it along with the membership fee of £10 (all data provided in the form), and your membership should be arranged before the event.
The entry fee for the event is £30 per car.
Vickers Farm, Tilton on the Hill, Leicestershire
Free camping is available for event participants (Saturday-Sunday).
Event plan:
  • Technical inspection and registration start at 8:30
  • Compulsory drivers’ briefing at 9:45
  • Event starts at 10:00 and ends at 16:00

May be an image of 2 people, jeep, motorcycle, buggy and text that says 'Viking Four Wheel Drive Club presents: VIKING 4x4Experience for any 4x4 ๑මමම event CLUB fun, family intro to off-roading events P 0 無場需 EXPERIENCE 21st of May 2023 Vickers Farm, Tilton on the Hill, LE7 9LG 50 punches plus special section any 4x4 welcome!!'

When your satnav says ‘You have reached your destination’, keep following the B6047 towards Melton Mowbray. You will go down a steep hill – at the bottom of which is a sharp left turn. On this turn, you will see a narrow lane going straight ahead. You need to follow this lane for about 500 metres and the farm entrance is on the right.
(Note: These directions are if you are driving towards Melton Mowbray coming from the A47.
Cross the cattle grid and follow the farm track. You will need to drive through the farm yard, so please drive slowly and close all gates behind you. Go through the yard and out the other side. Drive up a hill and you will need to go through 2 gates. These gates must be kept closed at all times. Once you are through the second gate, you are in the camping field. Turn right and you should see Viking guys there.
What 3 Words
the farm entrance: Blogs.Wiggling.Shield
The Farmyard is: Rested.Workroom.Unit
The camping area is: Hiring.Snake.Evenly
By |May 5th, 2023|

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Who Are We?

Viking 4×4 Club are an off-road club based in Leicestershire which caters for all 4×4 vehicles from Bog Standard to Highly Modified.

The main focus of the Viking 4×4 Club is to run Challenge Events and experiences days.

We run a very successful 6-round series since 2007. The series was formerly known as the LRS Challenge Series but is now called the Odyssey Battery Winch Challenge Series.

This series is known for its friendly atmosphere and helpful nature. Organisers are particularly keen to encourage newcomers to the challenge scene and is seen as very much focused on Grass Roots competitors.

We run the 2 day Valhalla winch challenge which is still open to newcomers but is more suited to the more serious competitor. This event is for teams of 2 trucks.

For 2022, we are taking over the nightmare challenge from midland off-road club which is a night-time event. This winch challenge is run in depths of weekly woods during the sunset to add an extra level of difficulty.

As a complete contrast, we run 3 experience day events, which are similar to challenge events but are far more relaxed and fun focused. No winching is allowed on these, so competitors must find, then drive up to collect punches.

We hold regular club night meetings on the first Wednesday of the month at various watering holes.
Forms can be downloaded from the Forms page

For further information please email


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