Nightmare and LOTG

the 2 day off-road challenge!

The Viking 4×4 2 day event Nightmare and LOTG is a 2 day Off-Road Challenge set out at weekly woods

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Event Sponsors:

  • RA Land rovers

  • LOF clutches




Lap of the gods


Lap style event with punch section where you need to collect 2 punches per lap

there is also punches along the lap to collect these also need to be collected for the lap to count

the lap card will change every lap

The punch section card the punches will be marked off each lap, if same punch is collected this will cause a DNF lap

See the latest news for the regs on the home page

Scoring / Awards

Awards will be issued to 1st 2nd and 3rd Teams Overall.
There are no individual class awards as the event will operate under a handicap system.

  • Class 1 trucks
    (1 traction aid) will get 100% of the scores attained. Max tyre size 37 inch

  • Class 2 trucks
    (2 traction aids) will get 85% of the scores attained. Max tyre size 37 inch

  • Class 3 trucks
    (3 winches, 2 lockers) will get 70% of the scores attained. max tyre = 40″ additional note any vehicle with more than 37 inch tyres will have a 60% handcap