The entry fees for 2023 will be increasing only slightly we have not increase prices for event for many years
The Viking 4×4 Club is a not for profit organisation but we have to cover costs in order to survive. Due to increased venue and trophy costs the entry fees for single day CHALLENGE events. the events will have to go up to £65 (was £55) if paid in advance and £75 (was £65) any time after 8.00pm on the Friday preceding the event. It is the club’s aim to keep cost to a minimum, but fees may have to increase in reaction to increases in costs.

For now, the experience day fees will remain at £30.

We now accept the below helmets

For Non 4×4 speed events

British Standards Institution BS 6658-A
British Standards Institution BS 6658-B
UN ECE Regulation 22 ECE 22-05
Snell Memorial Foundation Snell M2005 or M2010 (individual approval only) M2005

For 4×4 speed events (excluding SXS, UTV)

Snell SA2010, SAH2010 or SA2015
FIA 8860-2004, 8860-2010 or 8859-2015