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Viking 4×4 Experience Day

We are pleased to invite you to another event from the Viking 4x4Experience series for any 4×4 car/truck.
21st of May we will meet at a very beautiful grassy field where you will have the opportunity to explore  the challenging grounds and collect 50 punches plus test your skills on a special section.
For legal reasons, every person participating in the event must have a valid membership in the Viking4x4 club.
Download the membership form, fill it out, send it along with the membership fee of £10 (all data provided in the form), and your membership should be arranged before the event.
The entry fee for the event is £30 per car.
Vickers Farm, Tilton on the Hill, Leicestershire
Free camping is available for event participants (Saturday-Sunday).
Event plan:
  • Technical inspection and registration start at 8:30
  • Compulsory drivers’ briefing at 9:45
  • Event starts at 10:00 and ends at 16:00

May be an image of 2 people, jeep, motorcycle, buggy and text that says 'Viking Four Wheel Drive Club presents: VIKING 4x4Experience for any 4x4 ๑මමම event CLUB fun, family intro to off-roading events P 0 無場需 EXPERIENCE 21st of May 2023 Vickers Farm, Tilton on the Hill, LE7 9LG 50 punches plus special section any 4x4 welcome!!'

When your satnav says ‘You have reached your destination’, keep following the B6047 towards Melton Mowbray. You will go down a steep hill – at the bottom of which is a sharp left turn. On this turn, you will see a narrow lane going straight ahead. You need to follow this lane for about 500 metres and the farm entrance is on the right.
(Note: These directions are if you are driving towards Melton Mowbray coming from the A47.
Cross the cattle grid and follow the farm track. You will need to drive through the farm yard, so please drive slowly and close all gates behind you. Go through the yard and out the other side. Drive up a hill and you will need to go through 2 gates. These gates must be kept closed at all times. Once you are through the second gate, you are in the camping field. Turn right and you should see Viking guys there.
What 3 Words
the farm entrance: Blogs.Wiggling.Shield
The Farmyard is: Rested.Workroom.Unit
The camping area is: Hiring.Snake.Evenly
Viking 4×4 Experience Day2023-05-05T09:02:58+00:00

2023 Event News


The entry fees for 2023 will be increasing only slightly we have not increase prices for event for many years
The Viking 4×4 Club is a not for profit organisation but we have to cover costs in order to survive. Due to increased venue and trophy costs the entry fees for single day CHALLENGE events. the events will have to go up to £65 (was £55) if paid in advance and £75 (was £65) any time after 8.00pm on the Friday preceding the event. It is the club’s aim to keep cost to a minimum, but fees may have to increase in reaction to increases in costs.

For now, the experience day fees will remain at £30.

We now accept the below helmets

For Non 4×4 speed events

British Standards Institution BS 6658-A
British Standards Institution BS 6658-B
UN ECE Regulation 22 ECE 22-05
Snell Memorial Foundation Snell M2005 or M2010 (individual approval only) M2005

For 4×4 speed events (excluding SXS, UTV)

Snell SA2010, SAH2010 or SA2015
FIA 8860-2004, 8860-2010 or 8859-2015


2023 Event News2023-01-13T15:26:14+00:00

NightMare Challenge


                                                                    ****** Cancelled ******


The NightMare Is Back with Viking Club

We i have the pleasure of announcing (woohoo) the Nightmare is on.

So to make sure this unique event goes ahead,
On behalf of our friends over at the MOC, who due to the current personal reason are not in a position to get it up &  running this year, so the Viking Club will be taking care of it for 2023.
Diary date is the 11th February.
So who’s afraid to take on the Night at Weeky Woods ?
NightMare Challenge2023-02-15T10:19:28+00:00

Viking club Christmas dinner

At the Viking AGM it was agreed that we have a Viking group meal and presentation evening at The Greyhound Inn, Lutterworth at 7.00pm on Saturday January 14th 2023.
The menu is attached so check it out and if you want to join us, message me with your menu choice.
To keep it simple – please just message Pip Facebook or email with you menu choice number. So if you want Smoked Salmon as a starter followed by Braised Belly Pork with Vanilla Cheesecake for desert just message me with 5 – 2 – 2
Your booking won’t be made until you send a deposit of £15 to the same paypal account you use for entering a Viking Challenge event. (Its on the Viking website) the remaining amount for the meal you want will need to be paid on the night at the venue.
Please come and join us to make it a great evening.
Viking club Christmas dinner2022-12-08T09:15:37+00:00

Annual Viking AGM

Its that time of year again. ALL committee positions become vacant at the AGM and anyone can stand for any committee position.
It is also where we make the big decisions on what’s going to happen in 2023.
The agenda hasn’t been finalised yet, but we have been asked if we can consider the helmet rule, so we’ll be discussing this.
We’ve also been discussing whether the 6 event one day challenge series has run its course. It may be time to think about scrapping what we do now and run some 2-day events instead. You’ll need to be there if you want to have a say in what the club decides.
The AGM will be at the Greyhound Coaching Inn in Lutterworth on November 12th. Every Viking member has a vote on what your clubs decides to do.
If you have something you wish to be discussed, please bring it to the attention of one of the committee members.
Annual Viking AGM2022-11-03T11:54:08+00:00

Viking club charity update


The final figure that you helped to raise. is incredible £3011 for East Midlands dog Rescue

East Midlands Dog Rescue
We understand how difficult life is for us all, but we are facing truly difficult times right now, and if anyone can spare a small donation to help with our vet bills we would be so grateful.
Sort code 20-49-08
Account no 80600415
Thank you

Viking club charity update2022-11-03T12:39:25+00:00

Halloween Themed Experience Day

The dust has not yet settled after round 6 and we pleased to announce last event of this year:
Sunday, 30th of October 2022, at Weekly Woods, Viking 4×4 Club will host third edition of 4×4 Experience Event – a family event created for any 4×4 user, from full size modified 4×4 car to family 4wd suv.
This event is simply: collect punches (no winching required), collect quiz questions and find the answers.
Driver will face some simple obstacles and some lightly difficult terrain so knowledge of owned car is very important (4 wheel drive engaged, front/central/rear differential locked, traction control etc. depends on car specification).
Car can be 100% standard on road tires, no winch/snorkel required.
Event starts Sunday 30th of October 8:30 in the morning.
First part is scrutineering, marshal will be looking for properly mounted car battery, general condition of car and heavy lose items inside of the car.
Second part is mandatory drivers briefing which should start 9:45.
10:00 officially event starts.
Driving will finish 16:00, results should be announced around 17:00
— Very important:
Motorsport can be DANGEROUS, accidents can happen, Health & Safety is paramount and that it is everyone’s responsibility to keep risk to a minimum. Help each other, look after each other. In the event of a major incident, please do what you can to help. If you think any punch, situation, obstacle is too difficult or dangerous – leave it. There are plenty of other punches/sections out there.
For legal reasons event is only for Viking4x4 Club members.
Halloween Themed Experience Day2022-10-20T09:15:14+00:00

Odyssey battery Weekly Woods Rd 6 Charity Event


Round 6 sponsor LOF clutches

Well that’s the 2022 season over with. This was our annual charity event and it’s been a great success with a pretty substantial amount raised for our chosen charity, will post final amount when we have received all the funds.
Massive thank you to all donations, bidders & all who attended todays event, We hope you’re all as proud as we are at the Viking 4×4 club
Well done to the podium placed teams & a great effort was put in by all
There’s way to many to thank individually here but i must thank Luke @ LOF not only for his generous auction gift but also for his sponsorship of this round.
Massive thank you to our championship series sponsor, Odyssey Batteries.
Thank you to everyone that has made this season the success it’s been

The Results

Class 1

1st Jess Martin/ Jack Watson Score 5521

2nd Richard Evans/Lianne Evans Score 5298

3rd Georgie Smith/Will Baker Score 5033

Class 2

1st   Paul Johnson/Tracey Johnson score 8227

2nd  Paul Dallyn/ Jack Macdonald score 4883

3rd Joe Lewry/Ed Lewry score 2728

Class 3

1st   Scott Haines/James Watts score 13048

2nd    Matt Bain/David Burton score 11835

3rd Ben Mark/Chris Sutcliffe score 11215

Odyssey battery Weekly Woods Rd 6 Charity Event2022-10-20T09:08:34+00:00

Odyssey battery Weekly Woods Rd 6 Charity Event

Steve King has been and visited the East Midlands dog rescue kennels today.
As sad as those places make him, he is happy to report it’s a great place for some unfortunate but lucky dogs to be as they await their new life.
Total no kill policy + back up for life for the adopters.
So they will be the beneficiaries of your generosity be it as a bidder or donor.
If you’d like to know a little more 👇
Round 6, a Final Round of Odyssey Battery Winch Challenge around the corner, traditionally is annual charity and fancy dress event so get ready for something unique, one of a kind and special!
Punch hunt, charity auction and raffle – all in one: The Final Round!
October 16th at Weekley Woods, Kettering NN14 1 QG
Free for spectators, Saturday night camping.
Odyssey battery Weekly Woods Rd 6 Charity Event2022-09-29T11:04:51+00:00

Wormhough Off road centre Odyssey battery RD5


Round 5 sponsor Damar Webbing

Brilliant day at Odyssey Round 5 at Wormhough Farm, Leek today. Massive thanks to Steve King and the set-up crew. To Tomasz at the helm and to our host Ken Fallows for giving us such a great welcome.

The podium teams in all 3 classes aced it & thoroughly earned their trophies with some incredibly close scores between them. Many of the teams that didn’t quite make it today would likely have been winners at some other events. You all put on a great display of challenge action.

The Results

Class 1

1st Georgie Smith/Will Baker Score 4600

2nd Jess Martin/Jack Watson Score 3777

3rd Richard Evans/Sam Nelson Score 3735

Class 2

1st   Paul Johnson/Tracey Johnson score 4333

2nd  Hugh Gascoigne/Harry Watson score 4013

3rd Dee Fox/Henry Harris score 3127

Class 3

1st   Scott Haines/James Watts score 10230

2nd    Simon Ward/Leigh Jeffries score 7429

3rd Matt Bain/David Burton score 7090

Wormhough Off road centre Odyssey battery RD52022-09-28T15:34:53+00:00

Deep Scar Odyssey battery RD4


Round 4 event sponsor RA Landrovers

R4 done & gone. Competitors have earned their rest tonight.

28° & bugs that bite like Piranha.

Well done to everyone that’s managed to survive the day.

No free passes today every punch was hard earned.


to the podium teams & those that didn’t make it today are all still winners.

Usual thanks to the officials, marshals & band of volunteers that make the events possible.

Never to forget how lucky we are with our sponsors, so huge thank you’s to todays round sponsor Rich @ RA Landrovers supply the winners with some great prizes & Odyssey Batteries the championship series sponsor.


The Results

Class 1

1st Georgie Smith/Will Baker Score 4196

2nd Kieran Robinett/Jake Joannides Score 2304

3rd Richard Evans/Lianne Evans Score 1052

Class 2

1st   Paul Curling/Andrew Rossiter score 5401

2nd Rob Curling/Paul Hitchman score 4304

3rd Dee Fox/Henry Harris score 2568

Class 3

1st   Scott Haines/James Watts score 10175

2nd    Kevin Bates/Joby Hooley  score 3366

3rd Sylwester Wegiera/Pawel Michalowski score 3078

Deep Scar Odyssey battery RD42022-10-06T13:19:12+00:00

Viking 4×4 Experience Day Part 2 19th June 2022



This was Held at weekly wood and was the reverse Lap of 1st Experience Day

Again we has positive feedback and everybody had a great day

Thank You for another fantastic Sunday from the Viking 4×4 Team

The Results

Class 1

1st  Mark Prittchard Score 2000

Class 2

1st Pawel Golis Score 10571

2nd Dave Adams Score 8881

Joint 3rd Andriey Rychow and Dawid Wiktorowicz Score 4640

 Class 3

1st  Samuel Clarck Score 5120

2nd  Adrain Perrett Score 2265

3rd  Sandy Tansur Score 1840

Experience Day

Viking 4×4 Experience Day Part 2 19th June 20222022-10-11T06:53:52+00:00

Devils Pit Odyssey battery RD3


Round 3 sponsor Full Flex Springs

That’s R3 behind us. We had a really good day at Devils Pit even if the hard ground did take a toll on drive trains.

Well done to the podium teams on your hard-earned trophies.

Usual thanks to our officials, marshals & helpers + a great job from the set up team.

Of course big thank you to FullFlex springs for sponsoring this round & our title sponsor Odyssey Batteries.

The Results

Class 1

1st Dave Adams/Tom Brittan Score 3609

2nd Richard Evans/Lianne Evans Score 2441

Class 2

1st   Paul Johnson/Tracey Johnson score 8376

2nd  Paul Curling/Andrew Rossiter score 4191

3rd Rob Curling/Paul Hitchman score 601

Class 3

1st   Scott Haines/James Watts score 12323

2nd    Ben Mark/Chris Sutcliffe score 9987

3rd Matt Bain/David Burton score 8025

Devils Pit Odyssey battery RD32022-10-06T13:18:45+00:00

Buildwas Odyssey battery RD2


Round 2 sponsor Llama 4×4

Great day yesterday at R2 & still we had the weather with us. Well done to the teams that managed to get their hands on the trophies & prizes, you earned them as you had stiff competition from those that didn’t quite make it this time.

Thank you to those stars that make our sport possible, the excellent set out crew, our marshals, officials & general helpers.

Of course not forgetting our title sponsor Odyssey Batteries & todays round sponsor Llama 4×4 for their continued support, a huge thank you guys from us all.

(the lucky winner of the marshals prize says “thank you” David)


The Results

Class 1

1st Holly Evans/Zac Dambrauskas Score 3818

2nd Georgie Smith/Will Baker Score 3292

3rd Richard Evans/Lianne Evans Score 2532

Class 2

1st   Paul Johnson/Tracey Johnson score 5107

2nd  Rob Curling/Paul Hitchman score 3759

3rd Paul Curling/Andrew Rossiter score 3266

Class 3

1st   Scott Haines/James Watts score 9524

2nd    Matt Bain/David Burton score 9488

3rd Ben Mark/Chris Sutcliffe score 6086

Buildwas Odyssey battery RD22022-10-06T13:18:08+00:00

Weekly Woods Odyssey battery RD1


Well that will do nicely for our season opener, we even had the weather gods with us.

Congratulations to the teams that made it onto the podium & well done those that did not quite make it this time.

Thanks as always to our set up team, officials, marshals & helpers.

A special thank you to our round sponsor GOODWINCH & of course our title sponsor Odyssey Batteries.

Not forgetting Zep for coming to keep us feed & watered.

Have to mention the generous sporting gesture from the C3 second place winner Sam Webster of team Goodwinch who as a sponsor of the event traded his prize with the wooden spoon of the unlucky team that finished with the lowest score of the day (very early retirement) Class move Sam, thanks buddy.

The Results

Class 1

1st Georgie Smith/Will Baker Score 5611

2nd Stu Fitzhugh/Amber Fitzhugh 4377

3rd Dave Adams/Tom Brittan Score 3906

Class 2

1st   Paul Johnson/Tracey Johnson score 14120

2nd  Rob Curling/Paul Hitchman score 6612

3rd Richard Lott/Seb Parkes score 3238

Class 3

1st   Simon Ward/Leigh Jeffries score 14414

2nd    Sam Webster/Henry Siebert score 8622

3rd Jake Joannides/Chris Vince score 6686

Weekly Woods Odyssey battery RD12022-10-06T13:17:38+00:00
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