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Viking 4×4 Experience Day


20th March 2022 Weekly Woods

This is a fun, family intro to off-roading events. All you’ll need is a Viking membership and a 4×4 vehicle.

The Viking Experience Day is dusted now 😉 44 Vehicles entered event!!!
I hope You had great day driving around Weekly Woods collecting mud on Your shiny cars and trucks

The Results

Class 1

1st  Lloyd Yeo Score 5600

2nd John Dweryhouse 4100

3rd  Witold Gojny score 2100


Class 2

1st Pawel Golis Score 15740

2nd Wojtek Zajac Score 15540

3rd Scott Haines Score 10940


Class 3

1st  Sylwester Wegiera Score 11000

2nd  Domonic O‘Regan Score 9920

3rd Tim Wyborn Score 8760


Event tech Info

This is a basic punch hunt with no winching required and loads of quiz questions to find and answer

Technical information

Make sure your truck is in good order for driving off-road.

Make sure your battery is properly secured.

Make sure your seat belts are securely bolted to a strong anchor point.

Make sure you have a good, strong tow rope or 5 ton rated strop. (Kinetic Ropes are NOT allowed as they are too dangerous) it is also advisable that you carry at least one D shackle.

Make sure your steering joints have no loose play.

Do your checks now so that you are prepared. We don’t want to have to turn you away for failing our technical inspection.

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NightMare Challenge


The Results

A special thank you to our generous sponsors that played a huge part of bringing this awesome event to you.


→ Damar Webbing Solutions,


→ RA Landrovers,

→ MOC.

Class 1

•1st Will Baker and Mike Archer Score 4948

•2nd Holly Evans and Barney Burton score 2793

Class 2

•1st Scott Haines and James Watts Score 9040

•2nd Hugh Gascoigne and Jack Watson Score 5072

•3rd Tim Wyborn and Matt Wyborn Score 1194

Class 3

•1st Henry Papworth and Ben Tinkler Score 9543

•2nd Jake Joannides and TomWilson Score 7013

•3rd Zac Dambrauskas and Paddy Burman Score 6830

Viking Club wouls also like to thank all the marshals, Viking officials, general helpers + Zep (New caterer for Viking Events)

For Photo from the event please see our photograph (Thomasz Jarecki) nightmare challenge Album

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The Odyssey Battery Entry Form


Odyssey battery entry form is now avaiable from the form page

Shakedown 20/3 Weekly Woods

R1 24/4 Weekly woods

R2 22/5 buildwas

R3 12/6 Devils Pit

R4 10/7 Deep Scar

R5 18/9 Wormhough

R6 16/10 Weeky woods

Valhalla 27>29/8 buildwas

For bang up to date info on what we are doing – check out our Odyssey Batteries Winch Challenge facebook page.

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