Round 4 event sponsor RA Landrovers

R4 done & gone. Competitors have earned their rest tonight.

28° & bugs that bite like Piranha.

Well done to everyone that’s managed to survive the day.

No free passes today every punch was hard earned.


to the podium teams & those that didn’t make it today are all still winners.

Usual thanks to the officials, marshals & band of volunteers that make the events possible.

Never to forget how lucky we are with our sponsors, so huge thank you’s to todays round sponsor Rich @ RA Landrovers supply the winners with some great prizes & Odyssey Batteries the championship series sponsor.


The Results

Class 1

1st Georgie Smith/Will Baker Score 4196

2nd Kieran Robinett/Jake Joannides Score 2304

3rd Richard Evans/Lianne Evans Score 1052

Class 2

1st   Paul Curling/Andrew Rossiter score 5401

2nd Rob Curling/Paul Hitchman score 4304

3rd Dee Fox/Henry Harris score 2568

Class 3

1st   Scott Haines/James Watts score 10175

2nd    Kevin Bates/Joby Hooley  score 3366

3rd Sylwester Wegiera/Pawel Michalowski score 3078