The dust has not yet settled after round 6 and we pleased to announce last event of this year:
Sunday, 30th of October 2022, at Weekly Woods, Viking 4×4 Club will host third edition of 4×4 Experience Event – a family event created for any 4×4 user, from full size modified 4×4 car to family 4wd suv.
This event is simply: collect punches (no winching required), collect quiz questions and find the answers.
Driver will face some simple obstacles and some lightly difficult terrain so knowledge of owned car is very important (4 wheel drive engaged, front/central/rear differential locked, traction control etc. depends on car specification).
Car can be 100% standard on road tires, no winch/snorkel required.
Event starts Sunday 30th of October 8:30 in the morning.
First part is scrutineering, marshal will be looking for properly mounted car battery, general condition of car and heavy lose items inside of the car.
Second part is mandatory drivers briefing which should start 9:45.
10:00 officially event starts.
Driving will finish 16:00, results should be announced around 17:00
— Very important:
Motorsport can be DANGEROUS, accidents can happen, Health & Safety is paramount and that it is everyone’s responsibility to keep risk to a minimum. Help each other, look after each other. In the event of a major incident, please do what you can to help. If you think any punch, situation, obstacle is too difficult or dangerous – leave it. There are plenty of other punches/sections out there.
For legal reasons event is only for Viking4x4 Club members.