Round 5 sponsor Damar Webbing

Brilliant day at Odyssey Round 5 at Wormhough Farm, Leek today. Massive thanks to Steve King and the set-up crew. To Tomasz at the helm and to our host Ken Fallows for giving us such a great welcome.

The podium teams in all 3 classes aced it & thoroughly earned their trophies with some incredibly close scores between them. Many of the teams that didn’t quite make it today would likely have been winners at some other events. You all put on a great display of challenge action.

The Results

Class 1

1st Georgie Smith/Will Baker Score 4600

2nd Jess Martin/Jack Watson Score 3777

3rd Richard Evans/Sam Nelson Score 3735

Class 2

1st   Paul Johnson/Tracey Johnson score 4333

2nd  Hugh Gascoigne/Harry Watson score 4013

3rd Dee Fox/Henry Harris score 3127

Class 3

1st   Scott Haines/James Watts score 10230

2nd    Simon Ward/Leigh Jeffries score 7429

3rd Matt Bain/David Burton score 7090